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Determining the Right Whitening Approach is Key to Brightening a Dull Smile

Bright, naturally white teeth are a key component in a beautiful smile. But the opposite is also true: nothing diminishes an otherwise attractive smile…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Feb 22, 2015

Can an App Help You Brush Your Teeth?

If you’re the kind of person who can’t do without a smart phone, you’ve probably heard the expression “There’s an app for that!” These nifty…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Feb 12, 2015

3 Ways to Stop or Reduce Painful Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be disheartening: you’re always on your guard with what you eat or drink, and perhaps you’ve even given up on favorite foods…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Feb 05, 2015

Implant-Supported Dentures - a Better Fit with Excessive Bone Loss

Some patients who wear dentures face a kind of Catch-22: their denture fit may have loosened and become uncomfortable over time due to continued bone…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Jan 31, 2015

Three Things to Know About Crowns Before Your Restoration

Today’s crowns, the visible part of a tooth replacement system, can effectively mimic the shape and color of natural teeth. But not all crowns are…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Jan 29, 2015

Three Things You May Not Know About Root Canal Treatments

The term “root canal” is a part of our social lexicon, and not always with a positive meaning. But contrary to its negative reputation, a…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Jan 26, 2015

New Year, New Smile

In the winter months, when the daylight hours grow few, we celebrate the season with holiday lights and good cheer. This season of hope and…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Dec 28, 2014

Porcelain Veneers Could Change Your Appearance for the Better

We now have an amazing repertoire in dentistry to restore the look and function of damaged or missing teeth. From tooth-colored crowns to life-like dental…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Oct 30, 2014

The Implant Process can be Shortened, Depending on the Tooth Type

Dental implants are considered the premier option for tooth replacement. While all implant procedures follow the same general concept — a titanium post surgically inserted…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Oct 22, 2014

Why Bear a Chipped Tooth?

Having a chipped tooth certainly can make life more difficult. It not only keeps you from wanting to smile, but it may also make it…

Posted by Nicholas Pournaras, D.M.D. on Oct 19, 2014

Nick Pournaras, DMD

Columbia Smiles Nick Pournaras, DMD

Dr. Nick Pournaras, DMD and the team of dental professionals at Columbia Smiles in Columbia, SC, are dedicated to helping our community improve their oral health and rejuvenate their smiles. Dr. Pournaras is a member of a number of professional dental organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics
  • South Carolina Dental Association

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