Advanced Technology for Convenient Patient Care

CEREC® Columbia

CEREC® ColumbiaAt Columbia Smiles, we pride ourselves on providing a modern dental experience in all respects, from the décor of our office to the advanced dental procedures and technology that we offer. Dr. Nick Pournaras’ commitment to staying abreast of advances in dentistry allows him to employ state-of-the-art equipment, including the  restoration system, at his Columbia dental practice. This revolutionary machine improves the precision of restorative dentistry procedures and makes the entire dental process faster and more convenient than ever before. Patients who are interested in learning more about CEREC® technology can contact Columbia Smiles today.

What Is the CEREC® Milling Machine?

The CEREC® porcelain restoration system is an innovative dental technology that allows Dr. Nick to create and place dental restorations including veneers, crowns, and fillings in one convenient office visit. CEREC® uses 3D image technology to create a realistic depiction of the shape and arrangement of the teeth. These 3D images are significantly more accurate than clay moldings, which were previously the only method for receiving a picture of the mouth’s condition. By viewing the mouth on a three-dimensional scale, Dr. Nick is able to set parameters for the creation of all types of dental restorations. This technology individualizes each procedure because the restorations are created by Dr. Nick himself, rather than a lab technician who is unfamiliar with a patient’s specific case. Once Dr. Nick has set the guidelines for the crown or veneer, the CEREC® machine builds a strong porcelain restoration in less than one hour.

The Benefits of CEREC® Technology

The team at Columbia Smiles understands that while caring for your teeth is important, it is just one of many responsibilities that you have. CEREC® technology appeals to our Columbia patients who want to receive the most advanced dental care, but don’t have time for several dental appointments. This restoration system allows Dr. Nick to design and place porcelain veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays in one convenient office visit. Now even the busiest of patients can maintain the health and beauty of their teeth without taking too much time out of their schedules.

CEREC® technology is also useful because it does not sacrifice quality for the sake of saving time. In fact, porcelain restorations that are created by this system are just as strong as those that are crafted by dental labs. In addition, because CEREC® uses solid porcelain, all of the restorations have a natural look and feel, and blend in well with other teeth. Dr. Nick can even adjust the shade of the porcelain to make sure it matches the natural teeth. All of these elements contribute to a final, flawless look that allows patients to feel confident about their smiles.

More Information on CEREC®

With the use of CEREC® technology, treatments such as veneers, crowns, or fillings are faster and more convenient than ever before. If you have been considering cosmetic or restorative dentistry and are interested in learning what CEREC® can do for you, contact our Columbia dental practice today. Columbia Smiles proudly accepts patients from throughout South Carolina.